Review Policy

Right now I am being very selective about unsolicited reviews.  I am not accepting self-published books.

Review Policy:

I am a woman in her thirties and my review reflect that point of view. I don't pretend to make reviews for teens, as I am not one and I don't have a lot of contact with any, but I believe there is a strong population of adults who could and should be able to get merit from purchasing and reading YA books. My reviews are made of my own personal opinions and feelings about a book, not an objective academic analysis or scrutiny of the writer's technical merits. I generally try to find something good about every book I review, but my reviews are honest and I will also mention things I don't like in a book, or if I feel that a book is not good at all, because I feel that it is important to let people know that rather than just not posting about a book I don't like. As I will attempt to review all books in genre that I receive in one form or another, and I usually review all the books I read, please be aware of this before asking me to review a book. My review of a book is usually cross-posted to GoodReads and LibraryThing.

All submitted review copies will be noted as such in the review. I refuse to accept any monetary compensation for reviews. Reviews are posted as close to the release date as possible in my reading schedule (never more than a few days before, I prefer that books be available for interested readers to purchase when I post about them) and include the cover art; publisher information; summary from GoodReads, the author/publisher website, book jacket, or; and a 200-300 word subjective review on my personal opinion of the work.

Book Genres:

I prefer to read Young Adult books. My main interest is in Science Fiction and Fantasy. I will read some historical, paranormal, and horror/thrillers, but I am more picky in those areas. I have no interest in Romance, Erotica, and Contemporary fiction. I am interested in adult Science Fiction and Fantasy on a case-by-case basis. I tend to come down harder on books I feel represent women and relationships badly or one-dimensionally.


I prefer finished copies. My reading schedule is very fast. I usually read 4-6 books a week, so I am willing to receive finished books close to the review deadline. ARCs received months in advance are likely to be held until close to the publication date in order for my review and responses to comments on my review to be fresh and knowledgeable. I prefer that I do not receive electronic copies although I will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  I do not listen to audio books (I've tried, I just can't retain it).


I will consider series on a case-by-case basis. I prefer to read series in order, but I have read many books that are not listed on this blog.

Author Interviews:

I really don't feel that I do good interviews. I have a bad tendency to get very tongue-tied around professional authors, especially ones whose work I've adored, and even in email. If an author wishes to publicize their book on my blog I greatly prefer that they write a guest post talking about one or a few of their favorite books or books that inspire them.

Unsolicited Book Policy:

Books sent without my prior agreement may be reviewed and retained by me or passed on to family, friends, other book bloggers, or local librarians or school teachers or used as giveaways on my or other blogs. I do not sell ARCs.