11 January 2011

Across The Universe by Beth Revis Release Date

Across the Universe comes out today! Are you as excited as I am? I hope after you see some of the stuff they've done for this book then you will be!!!

First, take a look at the cool trailer:

Then check out this awesome video Beth did about the book:

You've also gotta go and take a look at the awesome Across the Universe website. It's an interactive version of the Godspeed, the ship from the book! Unfortunately you'll have to open Explorer or Chrome, I couldn't get it to work in Firefox at all, but the website is so worth it! Be sure and look at all the details on the farms. It's so strange-but-awesome to see a science fiction book put so much detail into agricultural science and the webs of lifeforms required to have a sustainable enclosed eco-system.

Need more? Here's some cool links to tide you over until you can run out to the bookstore:

Author Beth Revis' Website
Beth's Blog
Beth's Twitter
Penguin Books' Teen Readers Page
Penguin's Teen Twitter
Penguin's Teen Facebook
Across The Universe's Facebook

Convinced? Order the book from Indie Books!

Not Convinced? Well there's a 111-page excerpt up from now (11:11am EST) until 11:11pm EST tonight on io9.com. Go check it out here!

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