30 August 2011

Hunger Games Resources for Dragon*Con

I haven't been posting here much because I've been preparing for (and attending) WorldCon in Reno and Dragon*Con in Atlanta. At WorldCon I did costuming stuff, but at Dragon*Con I'm lucky enough to get to give a panel on The Hunger Games. I know it's a few days away, but here are the essays I'm using to study up for the panel:

Hunger Games Essay By Andie R.
Hunger Games Study Guide
The Hunger Games Symbolism, Imagery, & Allegory
Why 'The Hunger Games' isn't the new 'Twilight' by Tina Jordan
Hogwarts Professor: Thoughts for Serious Readers' Hunger Games category
'The Hunger Games': How reality TV explains the YA sensation by Darren Franich
Panem for Thought: A Hunger Games Discussion Comm on LJ
A Speculative Map of Panem by aimmyarrowshigh and badguys
A Complete Entymology of the Names in Panem by aimmyarrowshigh and badguys
Katniss Everdeen: A Heroine For the Ages by Emmy

Finally, the most awesome, a book that looks critically at themes in The Hunger Games series:

The Girl Who Was on Fire: Your Favorite Authors on Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games Trilogy Edited by Leah Wilson

In fact, I liked this book so much that for my first YASFF Book Giveaway I'm going to give away a copy!

Contest Rules:

1. Comment with your name (or pseudonym you'd like to use publicly).
2. I'll give an extra +1 chance of winning if you're a follower of my blog.
3. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 27th with a post in the blog. The winner has 72 hours to contact me at yasffblog(at)gmail(dot)com with their address or I reserve the right to choose another winner.
4. Contest is open only to residents of the US and Canada. Sorry international peeps, I hope to figure out international contests soon but not for this one.

That's it! I want to keep my first contest pretty simple, but I hope it tides you over until I can get out of the con costuming rush and back to writing book reviews!


  1. Wow thanks for the giveaway! I love the Hunger Games trilogy and would love to see what other authors thought about it.
    +1 follower, Amy

  2. Erica Binns!

    That book looks amazing, I'll have to buy it for myself if I don't win. I'm seriously thinking of getting a mockingjay pin tattoo on my shoulder blade, even though I've been against tattoos ever since I can remember.

  3. Wow, sounds like a great read! My man is about to become a high school English/Literature teacher and is really into the books. Would be a great addition to his classroom. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! And hope you had a blast at D*Con!

    -Essence (+1 follower)

  4. I'm really wanting to read this book now, since you mentioned it at the panel. Sadly, my local library doesn't have it. Hmm, wondering if the childrens/young adult library at the local university's MLS program would.