17 September 2012

Caught by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Jonah and Katherine come face to face with Albert Einstein in the fifth book of the New York Times bestselling The Missing series.Jonah and Katherine are accustomed to traveling through time, but when learn they next have to return Albert Einstein’s daughter to history, they think it’s a joke—they’ve only heard of his sons. But it turns out that Albert Einstein really did have a daughter, Lieserl, whose 1902 birth and subsequent disappearance was shrouded in mystery. Lieserl was presumed to have died of scarlet fever as an infant. But when Jonah and Katherine return to the early 1900s to fix history, one of Lieserl’s parents seems to understand entirely too much about time travel and what Jonah and Katherine are doing. It’s not Lieserl’s father, either—it’s her mother, Mileva. And Mileva has no intention of letting her daughter disappear.

I picked this book up and read it in one setting because I could not put it down, but that's par for Haddix's books. I loved every second of it, too. Like the rest of the Missing series the book was very fast paced and the plotting was superb. I loved the idea of Einstein's wife being just as smart (or maybe smarter) than he was and her being the first person to truly outsmart the kids and the timekeepers. ((I thought of putting in a spoiler warning, but I figure it's in the blurb up top, so it's kinda obvious.)) The characterization did not move along too much in this book, the kids' characters are pretty established and they don't have a lot of time for growth (although they do show a little in relation to love and relationships), but the time is spent on establishing the charaters of Einstein and Mileva, which is done excellently. In all this is a quick read and a worthy sequel to the series, and I highly recommend you take a weekend and start at the beginning and read them all through!

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