08 February 2013

Guest Post: Liesel Hill

Look guys, it's my first guest post, and it's by the wonderful Liesel Hill!

Bookish Inspiration

Hello Everyone! A big thank you to Aurora for hosting me here today. She’s asked me to talk about a few books that inspired me during the writing of my debut novel, Persistence of Vision.

Persistence of Vision is a dystopian fantasy with elements of sci-fi. So, there were some books that just inspired my writing in general, and others that specifically inspired me while writing my dystopia.

1.      Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I talk about this one a lot because it’s influenced me so much as a writer. I learned so much about the craft from this long-running series. Most books I’ve read combined cannot equal it.
2.      The Road by Cormac McCarthy. To me, this is the ultimate dystopia. It’s dark and bleak and brutal, but beautifully written and tragically ended. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that McCarthy won a Pulitzer for it. It was just that awesome and, in my humble opinion, you haven’t read dystopian until you’ve read The Road.
3.      Foundations and Earth by Isaac Asimov. Okay, I tend to be inspired by all of Asimov’s work, but I read this one just prior to writing Persistence of Vision and was totally enthralled by it. Unfortunately, it ends with a promise of a sequel that Asimov never got around to writing, so I don’t often recommend it because it’s just so disappointing not to have a sequel. (Don’t worry. I don’t plan on doing that to my readers.)

Of course there are hundreds of books and authors that have inspired me over the years, but these three have had particular relevance in recent years. So how about everyone else? What books inspire all of you?

Thanks to Liesel for her great post!  And stay tuned, I'll be reviewing Persistence of Vision next week, along with some other books.  I'm going to get back into the swing of things after the Cybils, I promise!


  1. Thanks so much Aurora! the post looks great! :D

  2. Hey Leisel! The Sword of Shannara series by Terry Brooks inspired me.

  3. I loved this novel - I hope you did too, can't wait to see your review! my tour stop is a bit later in February though.

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