21 June 2012

Among the Nameless Stars by Diana Peterfreund

Before Kai joined the Cloud Fleet, he wandered… AMONG THE NAMELESS STARS

Four years before the events of FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS, the servant Kai left the North Estate, the only home he’d ever known, and Elliot North, the only girl he ever loved, in search of a better life. But the journey was not an easy one.

Featuring narrow escapes, thrilling boat races and at least one deadly volcanic wasteland.

This was a great introduction to “For Darkness Shows the Stars”. Kai is a compelling narrator, and he shows the worldbuilding and setting without making it seem heavy-handed. His experiences make the reader really feel for him, admiring his passion and tenacity and feeling heartache for his failures. I think the only downpoint for me was Kai’s age. I was very surprised to learn that Kai was only 14. He felt like a much more mature narrator than that, and his feeling of connection and his harshness towards Elliott both felt like they had a dated bitterness and a maturity to them. Perhaps making Kai 14 was the only way to make the timeline work for the longer book, but I feel that Kai should have been a bit more age-appropriate.

**note 1** - this review was written before I read “For Darkness Shows the Stars”.

**note 2** - you can download and read this story here.

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