16 November 2012


The Cybils are eating my brain y'all!  I've skipped yesterday's post and today's Follow Friday to read some more.  I'll hopefully get some reviews up next week of all the wonderful books I've been reading, and in the meantime comment and comment back on some of the stuff you've been saying here (I'm woefully behind, very sorry!).  I'm also contemplating a post or two about being a Cybils judge, not on the books themselves but about my mindset behind reading the books and what it's like to face a huge stack of tbrs that only gets bigger every day.  Would that interest any of you?

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  1. Aurora,
    A post about being a Cybils judge and your mindset might be interesting. Well, it would be interesting to me anyway. I hope that you get everything done that you need to do. And good luck with the stack of books before you.

    Awaiting your next post,

    LM (lmmfantasy.blogspot.com)