22 November 2011

RIP Anne McCaffrey

Tor and other sources are reporting that Anne McCaffrey died yesterday (Monday). After I graduated high school I found her Acorna series. It was the first series I can remember waiting on books to be published for (before that I only had access to older stuff, so it was waiting on the library to get it in instead). She also wrote the incomparable Pern series, which made her the first woman to win a Hugo and the first woman to win a Nebula award. She's also won a Heinlein award, been named a SFWA Grand Master, and been inducted in to the SF Hall of Fame. She will be missed, but her great works will live on.

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  1. Anne was such an incredible person. I met her a handful of times at Dragon*Con and spent several hours in her company. She was funny, with a sense of humor incomparable to anyone else I know. I'll treasure the friends her works gave me and the time she spent with us in her chatroom.