03 January 2013

Top 10 Most Anticipated Books of 2013

This list is authors I already know, tomorrow will be debut authors.


Of course, Tamora Pierce is always my most anticipated book.  This one is a circle book, telling of Briar and Rosethorn in Gyongxi.  It'll probably be dark, which I'll love :D


 I love this series so much!  After dealing with anorexia, cutting, alzheimer's, and bullying the series is about to take on a new problem.  They're being mysterious as to what it is, but I'm sure I'll love it like the rest!


Although it didn't make my top lists Shadow and Bone was still a really great read this last year.  I love the Russian influences and the unique magic system.  The sequel promises to be more of the same!


This cover is a placeholder for the sequel Drachomachia.  I liked Seraphina a lot, and this promises to show Seraphina dealing with the consequences of her actions in the climax of the first book, which should be really fun!


This picture is a placeholder because her new book, The Lost Sun, doesn't have a cover released yet.  The book is the start of a new series about an alternate reality where Norse Gods influenced America.  Sounds great!


I can't wait to finally finish this series!  I love the unique plotting and great world of Amy and Elder and the Godspeed, and I really want to see where they end up!


 Although the first book functioned as a good stand-alone, I'm delighted that Doctorow decided to give us another book about Marcus!


I can't wait to see what happens to my favorite cyborg Cinderella!


Blake is starting a totally new world about Greek Gods and Goddesses and the war that is about to break out among them!


 Legend was one of last year's debut gems.  I can't wait to see where it goes!

Runners up:

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