02 January 2013

Top 10 Series

Top Series I discovered in 2012 (not counting series premiers that have no sequels yet):


This book was my favorite from last year's Cybils awards.  I'm so glad it's a series!


Another Cybils gem, this time from this year.  I had this book on my wishlist for years, I'm so glad I read it this year!


This series was a great summer read.  I like the powers and limitations the characters have, and how it complicates their lives instead of making them easier.


I'm so glad I found this book this year.   Unfortunately I had to downgrade the series because I hear that book 2 is just not worth it.  I hope that's wrong, and I'll be trying it soon.


I'm usually not a horror reader, but I'm glad the Cybils forced me into this book.  It's a great spooky read, and the sequel isn't bad either.


I'm so behind on books!  I've started this one, but I just haven't finished!  I should, it's got a sequel out now, and it's so good . . .


This series about kids who have supernatural powers thanks to being born of a line of superheroes from ancient legend is a great read.  I love the spunk lead and her sarcastic wit!


 I have the second of this series and I can't wait to dive into it.  The worldbuilding is very unique and I love the plotting and the tension, two things Snyder does great!


This is a great action-packed series for reluctant readers.  Although it can be a little cliche and a lot violent it's still a great fun read and I'll be keeping on with the series.


I only got to read The Kairos Mechanism in this series but it's certainly peaked my interest.  I'm going to try and get ahold of The Boneshaker before I read The Broken Lands.

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