04 March 2012

April Challenge

I know I've been late in updating my challenges for the year, but that's because I don't think I'm going to do any.  I didn't really change any of my reading for challenges, and I only completed the ones that my regular reading fulfilled, so it seems rather pointless to track them.  Also, the only one that seemed even marginally fun was the locations one, and it seems impossible to complete while reading SF/F where so many books are in made up and outside the US loations.  I'll be getting rid of the challenges page soon. 

However, I'm going to take on a different type of challenge:  a posting challenge.  In April, in addition to at least two reviews a week and Waiting on Wednesday I'm going to do the A-Z challenge:

This challenge is about blogging through the alphabet in April, one letter every day except Sundays.  I'm going with a topic: Awards for SF/F books.  I'm already plotting the post topics (any ideas on what to do for D or X?) and writing ahead so I don't get behind on my regular posts.  I think this will be a fun challenge, though, a chance for me to get a little editorial and write what I think on some great topics.

Will you be joining me on the A to Z April Challenge?

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